Mon Ih Scots!

(published on British Dodgeball, 01/03/2022)

The Scottish Super League got underway in Dundee last Saturday, with six teams from four clubs competing for glory. The old stalwarts of Granite City Guerillas started their season off strong, with their 1s taking an undefeated first place, their 2s slipping into second having lost to the 1s, and their ladies team taking fifth position with a victory over the Edinburgh Fireworks.

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Happy Belated Ballentines Day

(published on British Dodgeball, 15/02/2022)

Starting off by looking at University dodgeball: we may have the last BUCS league fixtures this weekend, but three leagues have already finished! Amazing how fast time flies.

In the Men’s Premier League, Sheffield 1s completed their undefeated run with seven wins across seven matches. Their captain, James Bateman, had this to say: “We are delighted to have won the first-ever BUCS Super League as it marks such a good advancement in the sport of dodgeball. I think we are fortunate in our team that lots of our players are naturally sporty and have picked up dodgeball so easily! I want to say it’s good captaining but in reality it’s the pure talent of the players and their willingness to succeed and desire to win.”

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The Return of Regional League

(published on British Dodgeball , 01/02/2022)

We’re back! On Sunday the 23rd of Jan, our second set of regional leagues for the season got underway, with four out of six of the leagues hosting their first fixtures.

In both Southern leagues, Canterbury Crocs put in a huge shift, earning them top of the table in the men’s with two wins. “We are looking forward to this regional league and the opportunity to play against some new teams. We are really happy with our first two results – we know we’ve still got some hard games to go but have our eyes on the club’s first bit of silverware,” says James Owen, Canterbury men’s captain. And their women’s side isn’t looking too shabby either: with a win and a draw earning them second spot in their league, just underneath the mighty London Storm. “We are so happy that BD has introduced a women’s league allowing our girls to play more regularly and get a taste for the competitive side of the game, and we can’t wait to see how the season goes!” says Sarah Krauspe, Canterbury women’s captain.

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Meet the Club – London Knights

(published on House of Dodge, 25/01/2022)

From launching at the same time as the coronavirus, to fighting for the top spot in the South Eastern regional league, London Knights have certainly had a colourful first few years as a dodgeball club. 

It’s easy to forget among the plethora of London clubs now – Saints, Knights, and Bottoms (yes, really) – that there was once only the mighty Storm. And back then, as the only club in the largest city in the UK, there were beginning to be issues with numbers. “Pre-pandemic the only major competitive dodgeball team in London was Storm. Because of this most players in the area flocked to play for them,” explains Knights player and exec member Rosa, who spoke to us on their behalf. “Eventually as the club grew the venue started to reach its capacity, making it difficult for competitive players to have adequate training time on top of taking on people new to the sport.” 

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Get Stuck in the Middle of League

(published on British Dodgeball, 18/01/2022)

On Saturday 15th of January, we officially hit the halfway mark for national leagues! Meaning that every team within a league has played each other at least once, and the schedule now repeats, giving teams a chance to show their progress. Anything can change between now and the end of league, but this is when tables start to really take shape and give a solid idea of who might be in with a chance for the podium.

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New Year, News Letter

[published on British Dodgeball, 04/01/2022]

What’s happening in 2022? In short, a whole lot. We’ve got over 100 events on the calendar for the rest of the season, varying from school events to super leagues, from Euros to Uni champs. There are still plenty of spaces left in opens across 2022, so make sure to check out the British Dodgeball website and register your teams in our Adult, University, Junior, and Schools competitions throughout the year.

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BUCS Report – League Meet 2

[published on House of Dodge, 09/12/21]

Since the last BUCS report, two teams have held onto their leads; three have been usurped; three leagues simply didn’t meet; and two were cancelled due to hall booking problems, because, well, of course they were. It’s comforting to know that even with the relative glitz and glamour of the BUCS label, some things will always remain the same in University Dodgeball. 

Let’s get into it.

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Review: “Zorrie” by Laird Hunt

[published on Bandit Fiction, 24/10/2021]

Finishing Zorrie and finding out, through his acknowledgements section, that Laird Hunt kept a copy of Virginia Woolf’s The Waves on hand throughout the writing process is the least surprising part of a novel that, generally, does not try very hard to surprise you. Zorrie is a gentle book, or at least is trying to be. It follows the life of its titular character, from young orphan through to attempted pregnancies, from wide-eyed, young adult, to stay-at-home wife, to widower.

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