Meet the Club – London Knights

(published on House of Dodge, 25/01/2022)

From launching at the same time as the coronavirus, to fighting for the top spot in the South Eastern regional league, London Knights have certainly had a colourful first few years as a dodgeball club. 

It’s easy to forget among the plethora of London clubs now – Saints, Knights, and Bottoms (yes, really) – that there was once only the mighty Storm. And back then, as the only club in the largest city in the UK, there were beginning to be issues with numbers. “Pre-pandemic the only major competitive dodgeball team in London was Storm. Because of this most players in the area flocked to play for them,” explains Knights player and exec member Rosa, who spoke to us on their behalf. “Eventually as the club grew the venue started to reach its capacity, making it difficult for competitive players to have adequate training time on top of taking on people new to the sport.” 

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