A Nighttime Encounter

​[published in Dwelling, 22/06/2021] It was 3am when I closed my laptop and realised that I hadn’t eaten since that morning.  It wasn’t that I felt the hunger – there was no dull ache, no physical reminder – but rather it occurred to me that I hadn’t spoken to anyone since Phil that morning, whenContinue reading “A Nighttime Encounter”

The Day Before

[extract published in Kamena Magazine, 20/04/19] My brother died on a Saturday. That morning we’d left him and my sister to mind the shop while Mutti took me on her errands. In the summer of 1939 she’d only just started working as a seamstress of sorts. Letting out waistbands, taking in waistbands, changing the necklineContinue reading “The Day Before”