Zoë Wells is a writer and poet currently studying at the University of Warwick. She grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, before moving to the UK to study at UWC Atlantic College, Wales.

She primarily writes long-form fiction and is an aspiring novelist. Her work has been featured in a number of publications, including Epoque, Bandit Fiction, Hypertrophic Press, and White Wall Review, amongst others. This website collates her published works: short stories, poetry, articles, videos, and performances. She was previously Head Editor at Kamena Magazine, during which time the magazine was shortlisted for a STACK Student Magazine of the Year Award. She is also an English tutor and TEFL-qualified English foreign-language teacher.

Click here to read a feed of her most recent work, or navigate categories using the links in the sidebar or on the homepage. A CV is available here (up to date as of December 2018).

Sample works: Short Stories

“To Build a Home”; 20/06/18, White Wall Review. Non-fiction.
The Day Before“; 20/04/19, Kamena Magazine. Fiction.
The Anatomy of a Home“; published in Bandit Fiction, issue 2, 20/06/2018; republished in Hypertrophic PressWinter 2018. Non-fiction.


Sample works: Articles

“The Literature of the Incel Movement”; 20/06/18, The Boar. How has the mainstream canon of literary “Greats” influenced far right radicalism?
“Bringing Poetry into the Public Sphere”; 04/09/18, The Boar. Reviews and interviews with those pushing poetry back into everyday life.
‘Bury Your Gays’: the History of a Negative Trope“; 21/02/18, The Boar. The deep-seeded root of a TV trope that continues to affect the shows we love. Shortlisted for a Boar TV Article of the Year award.
“Timeless Words: Remembering the Literature of the Holocaust”; 14/03/18, The Boar. The history of the fine line literature treads between idolization and irresponsible criticism.