Publishing History

Below is a full publishing history divided into section types (click to jump to the relevant section): reviews, articles, interviews, fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. This is displayed in simple text format for easy of viewing, and each section is ordered from most to least recent, from the date of first publication.


Mither Tongue – A Love Letter to Translation” Ink, Sweat and Tears, 14/04/2021.
“Review: The Beasts They Turned Away by Ryan Dennis” Bandit Fiction, 15/03/2021.
“Review: Ogadinma Or, Everything Will Be All Right by Ukamaka Olisakwe” Bandit Fiction, 18/01/2021.
“Zoë Wells on Kate Noakes and Anna Lewis” Poetry Wales, 55.3, Spring 2020.
“The Glass Woman – Review” Kamena, Spring vol. 1, ed. 5, 05/02/2019.
“Jonathan Edwards’ “Gen”: A Human Comedy” Kamena, Winter vol. 2, ed. 3, 22/11/2018.
“Killing Eve: Insight into the mind of a killer” The Boar, 18/10/2018.


“So…. What Next? Dodgeball post-COVID” House of Dodge, 16/03/2021.
“Write what you don’t know” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 6, 16/04/2019.
“You’re not a wizard, Harry: demystifying writing” Kamena, Winter vol. 3, ed. 4, 18/01/2019.
“Joining a sports club at university” The Boar, 03/10/2018.
“Bringing Poetry into the Public Sphere” The Boar, 04/09/2018.
“The Literature of the Incel Movement” The Boar, 20/06/2018.
“Procrastinate Productively with Creativity” The Boar, 30/05/2018.
“Timeless Words: remembering the literature of the Holocaust” The Boar, 14/03/2018.
“Bury Your Gays: the history of a negative trope” The Boar, 21/03/2018. Shortlisted for a Boar TV Article of the Year Award.
“Crossed wires: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly world of the crossover” The Boar, 09/03/2018.
“How to speed read your way to success” The Boar, 08/02/2018.


“An Interview with Ryan Dennis, Author of The Beasts They Turned Away Bandit Fiction, 22/03/2021.
“Preti Taneja on We That Are Young Kamena, Winter vol. 1, ed. 2, 07/10/2018.
“Poetry on the Canals – an Interview with Jessica Kashdan-Brown” Kamena, online only, 10/08/2018.
“Jonathan Edwards: In His Own Words” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 1, 22/05/2018.


“A Non-Zero Chance of Pickles” STORGY, 02/10/2020.
“The Day Before” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 6, 20/04/2019.

Creative Non-Fiction

“To Build a Home” The White Wall Review, 11/05/2019.
“The Anatomy of a Home” Bandit Fiction, issue 2, 20/06/2018. Republished: Hypertrophic Press, Winter 2018.


“In That Other Life” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
“Open Season” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
“Running on Empty” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
A Birthday Letter” Use Your Words, 08/03/2018.
“The Kraken and the Sailor” Shelf Magazine UK, 19/05/2016.