Publishing History

Below is a full publishing history divided into section types (click to jump to the relevant section): reviews, articles, interviews, fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. This is displayed in simple text format for easy of viewing, and each section is ordered from most to least recent, from the date of first publication.


“Review: PowerPoint Eulogy by Mark Wilson” Bandit Fiction, 24/05/2021.
“Zoë Wells on Pat Edwards and Kittie Belltree” Poetry Wales, 56.3, Spring 2021.
Mither Tongue – A Love Letter to Translation” Ink, Sweat and Tears, 14/04/2021.
“Review: The Beasts They Turned Away by Ryan Dennis” Bandit Fiction, 15/03/2021.
“Review: Ogadinma Or, Everything Will Be All Right by Ukamaka Olisakwe” Bandit Fiction, 18/01/2021.
“Zoë Wells on Kate Noakes and Anna Lewis” Poetry Wales, 55.3, Spring 2020.
“The Glass Woman – Review” Kamena, Spring vol. 1, ed. 5, 05/02/2019.
“Jonathan Edwards’ “Gen”: A Human Comedy” Kamena, Winter vol. 2, ed. 3, 22/11/2018.
“Killing Eve: Insight into the mind of a killer” The Boar, 18/10/2018.


Summer DodgeballHouse of Dodge, 20/06/2021.
Return of the Dodgeball” House of Dodge, 07/06/2021.
“What does BUCS mean for Dodgeball?” House of Dodge, 09/05/2021.
“Patrick Nally: Dodgeball’s New Inside-Man” House of Dodge, 25/04/2021.
“So…. What Next? Dodgeball post-COVID” House of Dodge, 16/03/2021.
“Write what you don’t know” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 6, 16/04/2019.
“You’re not a wizard, Harry: demystifying writing” Kamena, Winter vol. 3, ed. 4, 18/01/2019.
“Joining a sports club at university” The Boar, 03/10/2018.
“Bringing Poetry into the Public Sphere” The Boar, 04/09/2018.
“The Literature of the Incel Movement” The Boar, 20/06/2018.
“Procrastinate Productively with Creativity” The Boar, 30/05/2018.
“Timeless Words: remembering the literature of the Holocaust” The Boar, 14/03/2018.
“Bury Your Gays: the history of a negative trope” The Boar, 21/03/2018. Shortlisted for a Boar TV Article of the Year Award.
“Crossed wires: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly world of the crossover” The Boar, 09/03/2018.
“How to speed read your way to success” The Boar, 08/02/2018.


“An Interview with Mark Wilson, Author of Powerpoint Eulogy Bandit Fiction, 31/05/2021.
“Getting to know…. Simon Tapping” House of Dodge, 20/04/2021.
“An Interview with Ryan Dennis, Author of The Beasts They Turned Away Bandit Fiction, 22/03/2021.
“Preti Taneja on We That Are Young Kamena, Winter vol. 1, ed. 2, 07/10/2018.
“Poetry on the Canals – an Interview with Jessica Kashdan-Brown” Kamena, online only, 10/08/2018.
“Jonathan Edwards: In His Own Words” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 1, 22/05/2018.


“A Nighttime Encounter” Dwelling, 22/06/2021.
“A Non-Zero Chance of Pickles” STORGY, 02/10/2020.
“The Day Before” Kamena, Summer vol. 1, ed. 6, 20/04/2019.

Creative Non-Fiction

“To Build a Home” The White Wall Review, 11/05/2019.
“The Anatomy of a Home” Bandit Fiction, issue 2, 20/06/2018. Republished: Hypertrophic Press, Winter 2018.


“In That Other Life” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
“Open Season” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
“Running on Empty” époque press ezine, 24/09/2018.
A Birthday Letter” Use Your Words, 08/03/2018.
“The Kraken and the Sailor” Shelf Magazine UK, 19/05/2016.

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