BUCS Finals Day – Cups, Calamities and Controversies

(published 22/03/2022 on House of Dodge) This is how the BUCS season ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper, official complaints, and reffing errors galore.  It was a fantastic day of dodgeball from all players, and one that everyone should walk away from feeling proud of how they competed on court. On theContinue reading “BUCS Finals Day – Cups, Calamities and Controversies”

Meet the Club – Manchester Bees

(published 04/05/22, House of Dodge) They’re the biggest club in the UK. Their black and yellow kits are the envy of Wiz Khalifa fans across the country. Around every corner of St George’s park, you can hear the sound of buzzing. Manchester Bees need no introduction – and yet here I am, writing one anyway,Continue reading “Meet the Club – Manchester Bees”

Happy Belated Ballentines Day

(published on British Dodgeball, 15/02/2022) Starting off by looking at University dodgeball: we may have the last BUCS league fixtures this weekend, but three leagues have already finished! Amazing how fast time flies. In the Men’s Premier League, Sheffield 1s completed their undefeated run with seven wins across seven matches. Their captain, James Bateman, had thisContinue reading “Happy Belated Ballentines Day”

Meet the Club – London Knights

(published on House of Dodge, 25/01/2022) From launching at the same time as the coronavirus, to fighting for the top spot in the South Eastern regional league, London Knights have certainly had a colourful first few years as a dodgeball club.  It’s easy to forget among the plethora of London clubs now – Saints, Knights,Continue reading “Meet the Club – London Knights”

Get Stuck in the Middle of League

(published on British Dodgeball, 18/01/2022) On Saturday 15th of January, we officially hit the halfway mark for national leagues! Meaning that every team within a league has played each other at least once, and the schedule now repeats, giving teams a chance to show their progress. Anything can change between now and the end ofContinue reading “Get Stuck in the Middle of League”