The Return of Regional League

(published on British Dodgeball , 01/02/2022)

We’re back! On Sunday the 23rd of Jan, our second set of regional leagues for the season got underway, with four out of six of the leagues hosting their first fixtures.

In both Southern leagues, Canterbury Crocs put in a huge shift, earning them top of the table in the men’s with two wins. “We are looking forward to this regional league and the opportunity to play against some new teams. We are really happy with our first two results – we know we’ve still got some hard games to go but have our eyes on the club’s first bit of silverware,” says James Owen, Canterbury men’s captain. And their women’s side isn’t looking too shabby either: with a win and a draw earning them second spot in their league, just underneath the mighty London Storm. “We are so happy that BD has introduced a women’s league allowing our girls to play more regularly and get a taste for the competitive side of the game, and we can’t wait to see how the season goes!” says Sarah Krauspe, Canterbury women’s captain.

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