Injury Report

(published 10/04/2022 on House of Dodge)

We’ve all got our bashes and bruises, our broken fingers and badly twisted knees; but just how injury-prone is dodgeball as a sport? We decided to find out by sending out a questionnaire to as many dodgeballers as possible – of all different levels, nationalities, experience levels – to ask them what dodgeball had done to their bodies.

At the time of writing, we had 365 responses to our questionnaire on injuries incurred through dodgeball (minus a few dud responses). To my knowledge, this makes it the largest data gathering of its type on dodgeball. Hopefully in future years more national governing bodies and global dodgeball organisations might run more widespread, official reports on their players, but this is a decent starting point to get an idea of the state of injury levels in dodgeball.

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