The Return of National Dodgeball Leagues!

[posted on House of Dodge, 29/10/2021]

This season, there are a total of six national dodgeball leagues for adults in England. In the women’s division, there’s the Super League and League 1; for the men, there’s Super League, and Leagues 1, 2, and 3. This isn’t even counting the numerous other leagues that have already gotten underway or are starting soon, such as the BUCS University League (which we’ve covered here), Junior Leagues, Mixed Leagues, and Regional Leagues. There’s also men’s and women’s Super Leagues in Northern Ireland this year, though none in Scotland or Wales – though Carmarthen Wizards and Rhondda Dragons have been welcomed into the English Men’s League 2.

That’s a lot of leagues to keep track of; a lot of teams to cheer on; and a lot of reshuffling that can make it hard to know exactly where we stand at the start of the season. So, to help, here’s a breakdown of what to expect in each league going into this opening weekend – compiled by yours truly, with some help from the new Beverz Rating and the wise minds behind the Neutral Zone Podcast (NZP). 

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